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Summary, a Manchester city centre based company has launched a new and exciting website offering a premium domain name leasing service. With over 2000 domains including the likes of,,, and to name a few, the ‘online opportunity floodgates’ have just opened up to the UK online business sector. Read on…

Main release, a Manchester city centre based premium domain name leasing service is now open for business. The world of online businesses is exploding, with new ventures launching and succeeding every day. And the thought that the Internet is ‘just for geeks’ is certainly no longer the case with the mainstream market responding positively to online advertising and shopping RIGHT NOW!

With this in mind, competition is increasing at a rapid pace and in just the same way a traditional business needs to stand out from the crowd, to become an online market leader you also need to find ways to rise above your rivals. In the same way a high street retail store relies heavily on their location, the successful online business also needs to try and secure the perfect shop window. The difference is, the online ‘location, location, location’ is virtual!

Domain names are the location of the Internet and if an online business can secure a domain name that is the best in class, highly searched generic term matching their product or service, they are onto a winner. The problem is, most if not all the best premium domain names have already been snapped up by domainers and acute Internet tycoons. Obtaining them is difficult unless you have huge budgets to purchase outright, or at least it was difficult, until now!, a brand new service to hit the internet is now open for business and has launched onto the domain name market with one of the UKs largest and highest profile premium portfolios, including domain names such as and to name a few. The key difference is, they are all available on a lease term at affordable prices, not to buy outright for huge unrealistic investments. Most businesses are familiar with leasing whether they lease their premises, their company cars or even their computer equipment – so why not their domain name?

Harvey Mason the business development manager quoted “one of the most important areas of what we offer are our lease terms and our robust contracts. If an online business is relying on their website address to build a brand and secure ongoing success, they need to know they have the security and piece of mind that they can maximize the domain – protection and longevity is key for both the licensee and the licensor“. It is quite obvious a wealth of time, expertise and energy has gone into the set up of the’s legal infrastructure, and rightly so if they are to expect businesses to commit to leasing their virtual ‘location, location, location’. Another thing to consider is that over 2000 top-level premium domain names are now available, back on the market and obtainable, and this is before the doors are opened to other portfolio owners with a similar caliber of domains.

‘The opportunity here for online businesses really is huge, the big question is, who will be first to get their hands on what you could consider as the Internets version of Pandora’s box!’

It seems quite an obvious move, but truth be told there is no real domain leasing market leader in the UK. Maybe this is why leasing has not been a viable option in the past. However, really seem to have got their plans in place and already they are dealing with hundreds of enquiries a week from interested businesses all over the UK.

What customers say

Proud customer Matt Bullas from Seo Consult stated, “The contract has given me flexibility, security and piece of mind. It’s been a breath of fresh air working with a company that values integrity and operates fair and robust policies. We would recommend leasing to any online business”.

Future plans for

This is only the beginning for, with future plans to launch a domain name publishing platform, a reseller scheme and a secure portfolio owner management platform. Some of this information is already available on their website

Press contact

For more information on the launch of please contact Harvey Mason on – A full press pack is available on request.