Alex – the latest addition to our team!

Alex started with us last week. We have tagged him as our ‘technical lead’.

He is into World of Warcraft, Formula One Racing (to a ridiculous degree – in fact, to the point where he has multiple monitors set up around a recaro racing seat in his bedroom to watch it) and of course ‘techy gadgety stuff’…

So, a typical web nerd really, and a perfect fit as the final piece of our core team.

What will Alex be working on?

Since Alex came on board, the whole company has taken a huge step forward. In his previous role, he was a, wait for it… ‘A Business Systems Analyst’, with a keen eye for improving the efficiency of CRM’s, payment processes, payroll systems and API integrations. This was perfect for us as most of the technical work we do, is to improve the process of leasing a domain name for our clients. Very soon, due to Alex’s contribution we will have automated payment options, a user control dashboard and an automated system to bring on board new domain name portfolio owners.

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