Domain name marketplace appoints 10 Yetis PR Agency

The UK’s largest domain name leasing website has handed its PR brief to Gloucestershire-based consumer tech specialists 10 Yetis PR Agency. was founded by serial entrepreneur Steve Jackson and his business partner Harvey Mason. The site redevelopment was the catalyst for engaging with a PR agency to promote the domain name leasing marketplace.

Steve Jackson is the ex-chairman of Preston North End Football Club, chairman of social welfare organisation and founder of; the market leader in private vehicle registration plates. New Reg was founded in 1991, and was subsequently the first company to sell number plates online in 1996.

Prior to developing, Harvey Mason spent his early entrepreneurial years self-employed in the entertainment sector before becoming the first marketing manager for Recycling Lives, a 200 staff strong social welfare organisation.

Following the success of New Reg, Steve has built an impressive portfolio of more than 2,000 domain names since the mid 1990’s. This roster has remained dormant for many years, but will form the portfolio of high profile domain names available for leasing on Examples of premium URLs available for leasing include:

The PR brief for relates to introducing the concept of domain name leasing to a wider market, and focusing how keyword-rich domain names can benefit businesses. The agency will also help to convey the simplicity, safety and affordability of domain name leasing. provides flexible monthly rates for the portfolio of URLs, categorising the strength of the domain name by a unique star rating.

Harvey Mason, managing director of had the following to say:

“When buying a domain name, you are essentially simply leasing the URL from the domain name registrar. We are taking this one stage further, by providing a real marketplace for premium domain names at affordable monthly rates, with guaranteed lease security. Our efforts to this point have been to ensure that all the power is retained by the leaser.

“10 Yetis’ grasp of the importance of SEO, and general passion for the technology sector shone through, and was one of the main reasons we decided to hand them our brief. We are extremely excited to appoint them as our retained PR agency.”

Rich Leigh, Accounts Director at 10 Yetis PR Agency had the following to say:

“To be handed the brief from is absolutely fantastic. Leasing isn’t entirely new to the UK, but by creating a simple-to-use marketplace for premium domain names, there is a huge gap in the market, and we’re excited to be given the opportunity to promote the service.

“The guys at are absolute experts in their field, and given Steve’s huge success with vehicle registration plate service New Reg, we’re confident that public reaction will be positive.”



For more information, please contact Rich Leigh, 10 Yetis Public Relations Agency on 01452 348 211 or

EDITORS NOTES was launched in early 2010

Premium domain name fees start from as little as £100 pcm contracts allow users to immediately experience the benefits of owning a premium domain whilst offering considerable legal protection, including:

o Rolling contracts which give users indefinite first refusal on a domain name
o The ability to cancel contracts at any time and without penalty with just 30 days’ notice
o DNS setting which are changed at top level, making setting up new email addresses and sub-domains straightforward
o Robust and legally binding contracts which give you control over your lease.