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About Bodybuilding.co.uk

Deano Jouni, a self-confessed bodybuilding fanatic, is already a successful online entrepreneur. His first online venture, Isopure.co.uk, holds the UK distribution rights to one of America’s biggest selling bodybuilding supplements ‘Isopure’. Deano was looking to expand his previous online success by launching Bodybuilding.co.uk. Taking inspiration from the hugely popular Bodybuilding.com, the site will offer a forum community for discussion and debate, an online shop and tips and advice on the ever-growing sport.

The reason for leasing

Domain leasing was a simple decision for Deano. He had had his eye on the domain for years, but certainly couldn’t afford to buy such a prestigious domain name up front, particularly when he was already looking to invest in building a top quality website. Leasing has allowed him to keep his initial capital i

njection low but still launch with the best in class domain for his project: a win all round!

Leasing the Domains.co.uk way

He comments, “As soon as I found out that I could lease the domain instead of buying it outright, I knew straight away that the dream I had for the website could eventually come true. All of a sudden I could afford to make it happen at the level I had always hoped for.”

Our technical lead, Alex Martindale, was particularly excited about this project. He explains:

“When Deano presented his ideas for Bodybuilding.co.uk, we were very keen for him to get the project off the ground. With this in mind, we agreed to offer him a discounted period until the website went live. This will be a long term working relationship for us so assisting him in the early stages of the development only seemed fair”

The future for Bodybuilding.co.uk

This is another top class project that will have the benefit of a best in class domain name. A credible and quality operation throughout that Domains.co.uk are proud to be involved with. It will be exciting to watch a lifestyle brand like this come together and flourish.

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