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About Newreg.co.uk

NewReg.co.uk the UK’s strongest personalised number plates brand are perhaps one of the best examples of premium domain marketing. The first number plates dealer to sell on line, New Reg started using ecommerce back in 1996; they were probably one of the very first websites to use the internet commercially in the UK.

.com or .co.uk

Well established as a .com by 1998, and an age before the dotcom bubble even started to swell, New Reg traded over 80% of all sales via their website before the millennium. Ten years later and New Reg had a dilemma, do they stick with their .com image or move to the TLD for their UK market place. As a UK only supplier, the Directors believed that changing to the .co.uk Domain suffix was appropriate.

Taking advice from Domains.co.uk, New Reg secured and commenced trading on the UK TDL suffix, forwarding the .com and removing all duplication. In the last three years New Reg have significantly improved turnover, perhaps a sign that using a .co.uk Domain to do business in the UK is the right way to go!

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