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About Recycing.co.uk

Recycling.co.uk is ‘The Heart of Recycling’ in the UK, providing tips and advice to the public about what can be recycled and how to recycle it. They update their Recycling Guide regularly as new processes and technologies are developed and offer this information as a free resource for both the general public and businesses.

Deciding to lease

This domain name is best in class, a highly searched keyword domain for the service that the website offers. When the business’ marketing manager established that the domain was available, and that it could be secured for minimal cost, it made perfect sense to jump on the opportunity. When we asked about leasing the domain, we were told, “We couldn’t actually believe it when we found out the domain name was still on the market. Then when we enquired further and realised we could budget in a monthly cost instead of having to propose a purchase to the board members, we knew straight away we were onto something great”. The company’s marketing manager had the authority to sign off the monthly lease price as part of an allocated marketing budget, and as a result was able to present a fully-fledged development which included a best-in-class domain name to the board of directors. Needless to say, they were extremely satisfied with the result.

Leasing the Domains.co.uk  way

We are used to working directly with marketing departments, whether for short term advertising campaigns, or longer-term domain leasing projects. Armed with experience, we were able to piece together a realistic cost and payment schedule to ensure that leasing Recycling.co.uk came well within the business’ budget. Harvey, our business development manager, was keen to offer praise.

“The team at Recycling.co.uk are involved with many ‘green’ developments, and it is great to be involved with this project. Not only has the domain name gone to a good home, it is also being put to extremely worthwhile use.”

Recycling.co.uk summary

We have been working with various members of Recycling.co.uk for a number of years now, and the domain name performs extremely well for a good number of recycling-based key words and phrases. This is a perfect example of how a best-in-class key word domain can benefit any kind of online venture, from cutting-edge advertising campaigns to non-profits and the information sector. Both sides of this partnership fully expect this fantastic working relationship to flourish even further, and we look forward to seeing the results.

Plus: use the Recycling.co.uk tools for FREE!

From official council websites and media portals to your own personal website, Recycling.co.uk will provide help and advice about recycling free of charge to anyone who wishes to promote recycling in the UK. The site gives you the option to add their ‘Recycling Centre Locator’ by simply inserting the source code into your own website, letting you promote recycling to your own side visitors and spreading the word.

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