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DotCom Incubation

DotCom Incubation is an umbrella term that relates to our domain nurturing process. Through a mixture of good SEO, web design and development we aim to provide domains with inbuilt credibility.

You might find that many of our domains already have websites. This is purely to accumulate interest and improve the domain’s standing on search engine results pages. At any point during the incubation process you can take over and either keep the current website, adapt it to your business or replace it with your own. Whatever your desire, this model is adaptable to you and you inherit the benefits.

What does DotCom Incubation entail?

●      Domain name leasing.

●      Joint venture projects.

●      Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

●      Back Link creation to aid search engine ranking.

●      Recorded statistics to add to your own marketing strategy.

●      Professional web design and development.

●      Social media campaigns.

●      Market placement and research.

●      Branding and PR services.