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What is DotCom Incubation?
14th April 2011

There are many times when jargon is a roadblock to understanding. The term stagflation, for instance, has nothing to do with an astronomic rise in boozed up, betrothed Brits and everything to do with troubled economics.

On the flip-side the term social network has become indispensable when referring to the likes of Facebook or Twitter. It perfectly encapsulates the idea of an interconnected hub of people and is readily understandable as such.

DotCom Incubation is similarly intuitive and requires very little by way of explanation:

DotCom – an Internet company – is incubated, nurtured to promote growth.

It should become instantly apparent that any small business looking for a lucrative way to offer their services online might do well to invest in such an enterprise, just as an already established online company could increase their market share by the same method. Domains.co.uk encourages both avenues and offers a host of services to aid the process, from web design and development to branding and PR.

If this is then combined with our portfolio of over 2000 premium domain names the chances of success start to climb significantly.

How DotCom Incubation Works

We will at some point begin the incubation process with all of our domains. The first stage is to identify a market before creating a website to satisfy it. The website will then go live and we will work to enhance its standing and credibility with search engines such as Google.

Soon the website will start to generate traffic and money of its own accord creating a very enviable platform with a first class domain name and design. At any point during this process an interested party can take over adding their own products or redesigning it completely if they so choose. The idea is that you inherit an already functional business platform with the minimum of fuss. Or, if your sole interest is the domain name you can still lease it before the incubation process has begun.

No matter what services you need from us, DotCom Incubation can be scaled to fit and is the perfect term to describe what we offer.

Some of our domain names currently in incubation