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We only list the very best .UK and .CO.UK Domains.

The founders of Domains.UK, started buying and selling Domain names in 1995, a time when most people didn’t even know what the Internet was, let alone a Domain name!

We keep things very simple. All Domains that we display on this website are controlled by us, that means the DNS is with us until the point of transfer. Our agreement with the Domain owner is pre-agreed prior to sale, so if you’re paying the purchase price, then the Domain name owner cannot renege or back out of a deal with you. Where a buyer may wish to offer a lower price than the asking price of a Domain name, this ultimate decision obviously rests with the Domain name owner, but we will do our best to broker a win-win deal that makes the buyer and seller equally happy.

Where a deal is agreed in writing, we can either act as the broker or work with to ensure a swift and seamless transaction. We strongly believe that a ‘deal is a deal’, this attitude protects both the buyer and the seller.

So if a buyer starts messing around, failing to honour their agreement, or delays to credit the purchase within the agreed timeframe: We will terminate the conversation and should it ever start-up again, increase the previously-agreed purchase price by 10%, ensuring that the Domain name owner is compensated for any lack of integrity displayed by the buyer.

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Most of our Domains are over 25-years old, un-spoilt and rare. We have exclusive rights to sell all the Domains that we list, so you can’t get them anywhere else without paying more.



Because it costs a lot to get space on a persons’ mind-shelf, you need to ensure that every £€$ spent is maximised. Hear them on the radio or in conversation or see them anywhere, and you’re more likely to remember them



Our Domains are simply easier to remember…and if they’re easier to remember, they’re cheaper to market! Ask yourself, if you see an advert on a passing bus for Bartholomew Estate Winery, which is easier to remember… or - sometimes the answer is obvious.


We’ve sold many of the Domains that you may have already heard of.


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