A memorable and instantly recognisable Domain name, can enhance all other forms of paid advertising. And if you spend less to get remembered by potential clients, then the opportunity to grow your brand will be quicker and cheaper. A memorable Domain name is considerably more impactful on TV, radio, print, and other media. Scroll down to see more reasons to buy a premium Domain.

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How do I buy one of your Domains?

Buying Domain names with us is a straight forward process. Simply search numbers, letters, words or categories to see a range of Domain ideas. If you see something that interests, you simply click the enquire now button and provide as much information via the form as possible. We will then respond quickly to ensure that you don’t miss the opportunity to secure the ultimate Domain for your business.

If you need assistance to locate the ideal Domain name, contact us, providing as much information as possible, and will try our best to help you.


For what is often a fraction of the cost of a ‘.COM’ Domain, .UK and .CO.UK Domain names present a fantastic opportunity to build a strong brand, targeting the population of the United Kingdom.

Over 2000+ premium UK Domain names

There are several characteristics that determine the quality and therefore value, of a premium Domain name, here are some:

Domains that contain singular or double primary keywords, that are relevant to the business brand, are often thought to be the ultimate internet Domain name. This can be seen when identifying some of the highest known Domain sales to be completed, within the more established global .com market.

However, other factors can also influence value and perhaps your choice to purchase, such as the shortness of the Domain, i.e. the lower the number of characters contained within a Domain name is often instantly recognisable and very catchy and therefore considered of higher value. Short Domain names are clearly very useful for small keypads such as mobile devices, in that there are less characters to type in, to form the URL.

Interestingly, some brand specialists, analyse the cost of industry specific keywords, that are the highest value for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, to also influence the value of a great Domain name. For example, if the average price to sponsor the word LOVE is higher than the average PPC cost to sponsor the word HATE, then one may consider LOVE.UK to have a higher value than HATE.UK, despite the fact that both Domain names contain four characters.

Clearly, the application of the word is also a major factor, and in this example, one hopes that love could be put to better use than hate!

Highest known .COM Domain transactions in the public domain.

$49.7 million

$35.6 million

$35 million

$30.18 million

$30 million

$18 million

$14 million

$17 million

£16 million

$9.99 million


We have sold some of the most memorable UK domain names that have now become household brands.


There are many benefits from using a premium Domain.

Association to your brand

Premium Domains that contain keywords referring to your product or service, ensure that your audience associate what they are looking for with your brand. Such Domains also lend credibility and authority to your website.

Direct organic traffic

Drive organic traffic to your website by ranking higher in the search engines. Short, catchy and generic Domain names have been known to gain better natural ranking and receive thousands of free click-throughs daily.

SEO and SMM benefits

A great Domain name can positively impact your search engine ranking and social media marketing, therefore reducing the cost of marketing your brand. An effective strategy in rapid growth and for increasing your bottom line!

Easy to remember

Short, catchy memorable Domains are more likely to deliver a higher number of visitors to your website; and reduce the chances of someone typing your web address incorrectly.

Standout image

Your Domain name is often your ‘first port of call’ to your audience. They see or hear it on all of your advertising and even when receiving and sending an email. Your Domain is the first door they will open to reach you, so make your first impression count.

Install confidence in others

Rather like buying a property, buying a premium Domain can often be a financially sound investment, especially if you plan to quickly build and sell your brand within a pre-determined timescale. Building your business on a premium Domain can also help you to establish new partnerships and even help attract funding from investors.


Safety and transparency is at the very core of our business and we ensure this to every customer

Ensuring safety for both parties

After a price has been agreed, we act within hours to transact the Domain sale as fast as possible. We are equally happy to use an additional escrow service such as or, should the buyer prefer this and agree to pay the third-party fees. In truth, the use of such a service is not strictly necessary as we act as DNS stakeholder, however, for additional peace of mind, an ‘extra’ stakeholder can be used and in doing so only slows the transfer down by a week or so.

Once the transfer of funds has been deposited, the Domain name will then be transferred over to your chosen registrar for immediate use. Staff at will of course, be happy to assist you in any way they can throughout the process.

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