Established in 1995.

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The founders of Domains.UK, started buying and selling Domain names in 1995, a time when most people didn’t even know what the Internet was, let alone a Domain name!

This is why many of the Domain names we have available, are in excess of 25 years old. And, like a great wine, age often plays a valuable part in both increasing rarity and value. We’ve helped hundreds of brands, that you certainly know about, choose and obtain the right Domain name for their business.

Now more than ever, a Domain is the most essential part of any business strategy in the 21st-century. continue to bring a real and viable opportunity for established and start-up business owners to benefit from some of the oldest and gold-est Domain names on the market. With a variety of options from outright purchase, lease and joint ventures to be considered.

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Customers first

Customer service is very close to our hearts at It is essential that our customers can rely on us and have full confidence in our service. We pride ourselves on our personal and friendly service. Contact us at any time with whatever questions, queries or suggestions you may have – we are always glad to hear from you.


We’ve sold many of the Domains that you may have already heard of.